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How to Change, Correct and Update BVN Name in the BVN Database

If you are having any issues with your Bank Verification Number (BVN), you can effect changes to it after going through this tutorial which I have taken my time to prepare.

The central bank of Nigeria noticed that many Nigerians are having issues with their BVN that is why they approved correction to customers BVN database according to

They gave these directives to all the banks because they are the only one that has access to the BVN database of their customers.  To that end, if you made any mistake at the course of registering for the Bank Verification Number, you can correct the error, update it or change your details entirely. Some have issues with their date of birth and that makes it impossible for them to perform their normal bank transactions.

Here are list of corrections that you can make to your BVN

Correction of dates of birth on BVN

Change of name due to marriage

Corrections in name due to misspelling

Change of names that are totally different or partially different is also allowed after providing supporting documents.

This means that one can change his/her BVN date of birth, change BVN Name or correct it and make other necessary changes to update BVN data.

To effect these changes, you will need to provide some certain document as requested by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Read what is required to make changes to your data bellow.

Correction in the date of birth can be made with relevant supporting documents evidencing the correct date of birth.

Those changing or correcting details due to marriage should provide marriage certificate/affidavit as a proof.

Other minor corrections in the name can be changed on presenting international passport showing the correct name.

If you have any problem with your BVN, you will have to get the required documents ready to edit or correct the information.

Here is how

Visit the bank where you did your BVN registration. Remember to go with the required documents as specified above.

Tell the customer representative the nature of changes you want to effect to your bank verification number.

Provide the copy of all the required documents and the job will be done swiftly.

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If you have any issues with your Bank verification number, kindly contact your bank for urgent attention.

Warning: Your BVN should be kept safe, don’t share it with anyone.

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