Download DENT Mobile App for Android and IOS

DENT APP for Android, IOS and how to earn free Dent Coin is contained here. Be sure to go through the guide to learn more.

With Blockchain technology, you can now get free data for browsing the web courtesy of DENT Token. Their service is available in many countries including United States of America, Brazil, Mexico, Zambia, Nigeria, Malaysia and So many other countries of the world.

You can download Dent App free and get free dents for downloading the app. They also have a referral system that enables you to invite your friends and earn free dents for your data subscription.

Having said this, let me now show you guys how to download DENT Android App and IOS App.

After that, I will walk you through on how to get free data from dent daily.

How to Download DENT APP On Android Device

Android phone is the most used phone in the world. To that end, dent can’t be complete without introducing android app.

Good new! They have introduced their android app and it’s ready to be downloaded. You can download the app using the link below and enjoy free subscription.


How to Download DENT APP for IOS Users

Dent app ios is available now on the app store. I will give you a direct link to use and download the app; you will get 50 free dent coins using this link.

With that, you can get up to 1G data free.


Download Dent App IOS Here


How to Get Free Dents Daily

The only way to get free dents is to invite your friends to download the app. Since your friend will get free dent for downloading with your link, you will equally get up to 20 dents if he /she download with your link.

My Dent Link is: https://dent.app.link/38V87RNaNN

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