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Etheal Token/ICO Price and how to buy Etheal –

Recently, a friend introduced me to Etheal, I decided to make research about them and to find out their credibility.

I spotted them on ICOBENCH as one of the most popular ico. I still went ahead with my investigations till I found out that they are credible. Their teams are known, in fact they have built a nice project which will shake the blockchain industry.

Seeing how real they are, I decided to make this guide to help those looking for any information or the other.

They have finished pre-sale. Their pre-sale price was 0.1 ETH minimum contributions. If you want to join and get the token, be prepared for the main sales.

Now, I will talk about the ICO or token price, then I will show interested persons how to purchase HEAL Token. is the only site owned by Etheal, If you decide to transact using a different site, you will be doing so on your own.

There have been a lot of reviews about etheal lately. But surprisingly all of them talked good about the HEAL Coin.

Many ico listing site already listed etheal on their website and there have been various press release on major newspapers and online dailies.

ETHEAL Token Price: How Much was it Sold during ICO and Present Price?

During the Pre-sale and main sales, a minimum of 0.1 ETH was pegged for each contribution. The base price for the calculation was 600 HEAL / ETH.

Assuming 1 eth was at $500, you will purchase 1 HEAL at $1.2.

Once the token enters exchanger, we will know the current exchange rate against Ethereum (ETH).

How to buy ETHEAL Token

Now that you know the Etheal price, you can proceed to purchase token.

To buy HEAL token, visit

Let us know if you experience any difficulty buying etheal.

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