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icobench kyc and how to Bypass it for ICO Owners – Sum & Substance

ICOBENCH KYC – A friend of mine that live in the states wanted to develop a cryptocurrency. Knowing fully well that ICOBENCH is one of the most popular ICO Rating site in the world, he decided to use them.

Unfortunately, ICObench has partnered with Sum&Substance to introduce KYC for ICO teams and experts.

ICObench will send out an invitation to selected members of the ICO team, they will have to verify their identity. The verification is automated.

My friend was unable to complete this process as he keeps getting error message anytime he/his team members tried to submit the KYC to Sum & Substance.

After trying different methods to no avail, he decided to seek for my help. After trying some research and recommendations, I was able to help her bypass the KYC Process.

His team got verified and score above 4. You can view their work here if you so wish.

I know many ICO Teams and experts maybe finding it difficult to complete this simple task as to get their ico verified by icobench.

One bad thing is that, if your ico got unverified, it will give you a bad reputation that will make your initial coin offering not to sell.

Never worry, I have decided to drop a step by step guide on how to complete the KYC verification of ICObench without stress.

The whole process is summarized below :

Once the KYC invitation link is been sent to your email, copy out the link to your web browser.

Make sure your photo is real

There is a chip that identifies edited photos

Make sure the photo in all your documents matches

Make sure your age is the same

SUM&SUBSTANCE will Checks photos with internal databases of fraudulent materials and cases to protect your service from professional fraud and cybercrime

Once you have gotten everything ready, you are good to go.

Click on the given link and start the verification process.

It takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Do let us know if you encounter any hitches completing ICOBENCH KYC.

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