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USI-TECH Compliance Update – Read and Digest

Earlier on, i made publication on the USI TECH update on repayment plan. They released two updates and the second one is compliance update.

Here you will be able to read and understand about the USI-TECH Compliance Update. If you are new or don’t know much about them, you will have to visit my review page and also learn how to register and join the community.

The Update Reads thus:

“As part of our release of BTC Packs 2.0 and the upcoming release of Tech Coin to the public, it is more imperative than ever that strict enforcement of compliance occurs to protect the company and its valued customers and affiliates.

Due to the change from BTC Pack 1.0 to 2.0, including but not limited to a fresh emphasis on mining results and transparency, all marketing material produced previously is likely to contain inaccurate or out-of-date information. Accordingly, all compliance approvals issued prior to today are hereby cancelled. All marketing materials issued prior to today now will be considered non-compliant and should no longer be used. New marketing materials will be released by USI-TECH that are compliance-approved in the next 10 days.

Unfortunately there have been cases of members releasing videos or emails or blogs, as well as commenting on social media pages, in both public and private group chats, and on websites and forums. In those communications certain members have incorrectly explained the company’s products, current situation, or updates. Importantly some members have chosen to make unfounded allegations, published threats and defamed the company and some of our affiliates. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Effective immediately all USI-TECH affiliates and customers may NOT…

Use the name USI or USI-TECH or Tech-Coin in their business name, social media profiles/channels, chat id’s, YouTube channel’s name, posting titles, websites url’s, forum titles, marketing funnels or any other electronic or published materials without express written permission of the company. Material issued by the company after today and provided in your back office for such purpose is exempt from this restriction, however in the event that such approved content is used, you agree to remove such immediately if a general update request is published in the back office to do so or you agree to update them if an updated version of the content is posted in your back office.

Share videos taken at any USI-TECH events without the company’s express written prior permission.

Create and share marketing materials, advertisements and social media content that contains USI, USI-Tech, Tech-Coin or the company logo that are not supplied by USI-TECH and current at the time of use and expressly provided by the company for use for such purposes.

Advertise or publically promote any meeting, call, webinar or similar event (Opportunity or training, physical or digital) using the name or logo of USI-Tech. (Promoting a Crypto event or team event is acceptable provided the USI-Tech name or logo is not used in the promotional material or event signage).

Publish recordings or videos of digital events such as webinars, hangouts, etc. that promote, discuss or relate to USI-Tech or its products without prior approval of USI Compliance. No recording is to be accessible to the public prior to receiving compliance approval.

Use the company logo on any materials published digitally or otherwise if such was not created for distribution by the company without the express written permission of the company.

The following actions which may be taken by the company if any USI-TECH customer or affiliate is in breach of the above compliance rules or the published Terms and Conditions may include, but are not limited to:

Immediate suspension of access to their USI-TECH account

Immediate suspension of all withdrawals and product benefits

Failure to comply may lead to the termination of the USI-TECH account including the forfeiture of all products and balances.

Serious offenders who defame USI-TECH or its affiliates or members can expect the following actions to be taken.

Termination of their account including the forfeiture of all products and balances.

Civil Legal action

Reporting of the person to law enforcement agencies and potential criminal charges

We are giving customers and affiliates until midnight Sunday March 11, 2018 GMT to remove any marketing material, websites, videos, recordings, or social media profiles that breach our updated compliance policies herein. After this time, enforcement of strict compliance will commence.

If you find any marketing materials, websites, videos or social media profiles / channels / etc. that breach our terms and conditions, please email with full details of the offending materials.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We look forward to working with you as a valued participant of our USI-TECH global community.”

Now that you have read and understand the USI-TECH Compliance Update, you can now download the USI TECH Mobile app and enjoy.

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